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5959 Baker Road, Suite 390
Minnetonka, MN 55345

Monday:  7AM-7PM     

Tuesday:  7AM-7PM     

Wednesday:  7AM-7PM   

 Thursday: 8AM-6PM         

Friday: 8AM-5PM        

Saturday: 8AM-12PM

Emergency Information:

Emergency information: Please feel free to call us during business hours for an emergency. If it is after hours, or you cannot get through to us, please call your nearest 24-hour emergency vet. If you have a foster animal from Secondhand Hounds, please refer to your foster material for an emergency phone number.

Blue Pearl Eden Prairie: 952-942-8272

Animal Emergency and Referral Center in Oakdale: 651-501-3766

Animal Emergency and Referral Center in St. Paul: 651-293-1800

University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center: 612-626-8387

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